Elders of Collioure in the newspaper in France

“As everyone knows, beauty is at its most poignant when the cold hand of Death holds poised to wither it imminently. … In the general course of things, when beauty passes, the flower bows its head upon the stem and fails. Sometimes, though, when the petals droop, a framework of tempered steel is revealed within.” […]

The Travelling People

The Travelling People, who are sometimes known as Roma, or Gypsies, gather each year in May to celebrate the saints Marie-Jacobe and Marie-Salome, and Saint Sara. There is a famous legend in this region of France that says that after the crucifixion of Jesus, the women of the Holy Family, the mothers of the disciples […]

Horse and Human

“I love your work. You have a keen eye and your talent for capturing the energy and/or ambiance of a scene is quite impressive.” – Chris Irwin Finding the inspiration… In the summer of 2009 I took my daughter to ride a pony. She was delighted, but I was confused. It was obvious the pony […]