Horse and Human

“I love your work. You have a keen eye and your talent for capturing the energy and/or ambiance of a scene is quite impressive.” – Chris Irwin

Finding the inspiration…

In the summer of 2009 I took my daughter to ride a pony. She was delighted, but I was confused. It was obvious the pony did not enjoy the ride. My daughter could not have learned much from this either. She could have been on a motorcycle, and it would not have made any difference.

I grew up riding horses but I always felt like an impostor. I asked myself, “If I were a horse, would I like this?” I did not like the answer down in my heart. So in the summer of 2009, I decided to have a closer look. I created a photography vision to capture the horse and his/her companion and decided to focus only on the relationship.

In November 2009, I met Skylar & Melissa. It was my first attempt to forge into the unknown equine world (for me) and its relationship with homo sapiens. It was highly satisfying as both Melissa and Skylar were having a merry good time.

I researched the horse world and found an extraordinary man: Chris Irwin. I went to his website,, and the approach really resonated with me. I soon discovered very few people had a genuine relationship with their horse. As Chris Irwin would later tell me, it was more a utopian idea, a romantic dictatorship.

I sent some images of Melissa and Skylar to Chris a few months later I met him. By this time I understood Chris Irwin to have an uncommon understanding and relationship with horses. I wanted to meet with him and capture some unique images that showed an actual dialogue between horse and man. Melissa and Skylar were just the beginning. When Chris accepted to meet with me at his River Song Equestrian Retreat, I did not yet know how deeply my perception of the world would change. All of the sessions you see are inspired from Chris Irwin’s approach to life and how he relates to horses.