Timeless Black and White Family Portrait

“Not only did he capture natural expressions and characteristic body language, but our relationships and personalities. We’ve had family photos taken before by good photographers. Jerome’s work is well beyond what we have experienced previously, in terms of quality and artistry.” – Susan Braedley


Jérôme Scullino’s journey as a photographer began at age 11 in his hometown in France, when a school assignment captured his imagination. His route was not a traditional one, however, and lead him to travel the world. It was in Canada where Jérôme met his wife and muse, Nisha. Despite Jérôme’s initial doubts that photography could be a viable career, and with Nisha’s encouragements, Jérôme started his own photography company in 2002 and has never looked back. It wasn’t until 2007, however, that Jérôme’s true vision for his business began to take shape. “In 2007, which was definitely a pivotal time in my artistic life, I did my first major fine art exhibit, and that really turned things around for me,” said Scullino. Les Invisibles, a vernissage of the elders of Collioure, France, was unveiled by the town’s mayor and captured the cultural richness and potential of Collioure’s elderly. The fine art exhibition inspired and motivated Jérôme to strive for more from himself as an artist. “It gave me kind of a push in my confidence, where I felt that I could be good…and I realized I liked doing that art, and so I decided to call my studio Jérôme Photographer… I felt it had more of a fine art feel and it was very personal.”

“Our experience was indeed outstanding and somehow contributed to tightening the bonds between the members of our family. When I saw our pictures for the first time, I felt I was looking at my life’s greatest achievement: my sons, my husband, my family. It was a powerful feeling. I find that your coaching – both before and during the photo shoot – was very helpful and contributed to the beautiful result. In other words, you are a master of your art and you know what works and what doesn’t.  All teenagers have self-image issues at some level and at one point or another. I am convinced that my sons’ insecurities were soothed by the photos you took that show them at their very best (and by Mom gushing over their good looks, of course). So, all in all, a very positive and rewarding experience.” – Chantal L.


Jo-Anne Boxer

Jo-Anne is in charge of public relations at our Toronto studio. She builds relationships with clients before their session by organizing the schedule and ensuring each family is well prepared for their time with Jerome. She has a background an extensive background in fashion and loves baking sweet things.

Teresa Haslip

Teresa is the organizing guru for the Ottawa studio. She also has been with us the longest. She is an avid Yoga practitioner both spiritually and physically. She is always finding ways to make us more “green” as she is active in her desire to help the environment. The thing she enjoys most is to spend time with her kids and her dog.

Nisha Parikh Scullino

Nisha is our studio Guru and takes care of all the behind the scene important aspect of our studio. Jerome's other half in life as well as in business.
She has a background in teaching and fine arts and enjoys reading and educating her girls and her husband.

The ones you cherish most

The true luxury, you might say, is not so much the number of images that Jérôme would capture, as in the quality of the experience our clients have with us. A relaxed, unhurried atmosphere, in which participants can really warm up to the session and build a strong rapport with the photographer.

“I’m likely the pickiest person on the planet and felt every photo was the best I’d have ever seen. Jérôme’s portraits are not just photos they are works of art. For me to triple my budget (on the spot) speaks volumes. I simply could not leave those photos behind.” — Natalie Roy

I received an invitation or a gift certificate. How do I register it?

Please go to our Gift Registration page, fill in the required information, within 1-2 days one of our team member will contact you to arrange a time for you to come in.

How do we book a new sitting for our family at your studio?

Please go to our Commission page, fill in the required information, within 1-2 days one of our team member will contact you to arrange a time for you to come in. Call us at least 3 months before your desired date for flexibility in our timetable.

Where is the studio? How do I get there?

We have two locations – Ottawa and Toronto. Ottawa is our corporate home. For a map and direction to both locations please go to our Location section.

Encaustic photograph of a young girl.

Dress Code

Formal or “casual chic:” the choice is yours. Dark solid colours, layers and knits work great. Avoid white, patterns, logos and golf shirts. Gentlemen: a great looking sport jacket goes a long way. Ladies, covering your arms is a good idea. Remember this portrait will stay with your family a very long time. Attention to details is key for a great portrait. Make the time to look good. Think of it as a first date.  You want to look great, make an impression and still feel comfortable.


Our frames are meticulously hand finished by master craftsmen with decades of experience. We only use Aluminium or Hardwoods to prevent warping. All our frames are constructed with anti-reflective glass.

Encaustic photograph of a family.